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My Groomer Recommends Squeaky Clean Spot Wash Antibacterial Dog Soap is perfect for spot cleaning when you don't want to shampoo your whole dog. Use to spot wash paws, beards, tails, bottoms, legs, either after shampooing once and then going back to the stubborn areas that need a deeper clean. Quickly and easily clean Spaniel's ears or perfect for cleaning a dog that has rolled in fox poo! (Our dog soap bar is much better alternative to ketchup!) 

Rinses really easily and leaves a squeaky clean finish. Smells deliciously of fresh lime.

This dog soap bar is best used with a sisal bag or similar. These can be purchased as wholesale packs separately. Just pop the bar inside, pull the string and rub it into the wet area you want to clean. Rinse. Hang the sisal bag up to dry in-between washes, if it remains damp it will disintegrate over time. This is an antibacterial dog soap and so can be used across dogs.

This soap bar is pH neutral and so should be suitable for most dogs.

This is a hard, glycerine-based dog soap bar so it is very economical. The large bar completes around 30 medium dog washes, but obviously, it depends on how much it is used. Unlike liquid soap, it does not need to be diluted. 

Hand-made in the UK.

Certified safe for dogs and registered on the Government product portal.

Packaging is fully bio-degradable.

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My Groomer Recommends Squeaky Clean Spot Wash Soap Bar

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