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My Groomer Recommends - No More Fleas & Ticks shampoo. pH balanced with Lemon and Tea Tree oils this shampoo is highly effective at treating dogs with fleas and ticks. Made with soothing Aloe Vera to nourish a dog's skin whilst bathing to help calm any irritations caused from the fleas and ticks. Leaves skin and coat feeling soft, healthy and cared for. Easy rinse formula reduces bathing time.

*Dermatologically tested on humans - kind to hands.

If your dog's coat is prone to becoming knotty after bathing spray No More Knots after gently towelling and dry. Also ideal to use on a dry coat each time you brush to make grooming more gentle, kinder and quicker.

Available as singles or in packs of 6.

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My Groomer Recommends No More Fleas Shampoo

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