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Created with the latest ingredients in pet care, Julie Harris Professional Purify & Nourish Shampoo cleans deeply and conditions. Suitable for all coats over 12 weeks, and especially good for longer or curly coats prone to knots. Keeps hair hydrated, prevents damage and adds lasting shine. Fresh, clean fragrance.

  • pH balanced for dog’s skin
  • Deep cleansing vegetarian shampoo to purify coats
  • Contains panthenol to nourish and repair
  • Smoothes cuticles and adds shine


Average dilution 20 to 1 which may vary according to water hardness and hydrobath use. Massage through coat, tail to head. Thoroughly rinse, repeat if necessary. 


Also available in 5L.


Julie Harris Professional Grooming - Purify and Nourish Shampoo

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