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Now modernised, and upgraded with the latest ingredients in pet care, Julie Harris Coat Management is even better than previously.

Suitable for all coats over 12 weeks, this is so much more than an effective detangle spray. Created to nourish and repair while brushing out knots, this antistatic, water-repellent, vegetarian spray will smooth hair and help prevent tangles from re-occurring. Absorbed by the coat, preventing build-up, today’s Coat Management also has anti-bacterial properties to soothe skin during grooming. This multi-use essential can be used to detangle and prepare all coats ready for flawless clipping and scissoring and is a timesaver for double coats.

Fresh, clean fragrance.

  • pH balanced for dog's skin
  • Anti-static, detangle spray to brush out knots
  • Contains Panthenol B5 to nourish and repair
  • Smooths and strengthens cuticles
  • Repels water and adds shine


Use on wet or dry coats. Part coat and spray directly onto the root from a distance of 30 cm. On a wet coats, brush thoroughly whilst applying warm air. Perfect for fluff drying. On dry coats use to troubleshoot knots, tangles and dead hair when line brushing. Check coat with a comb to ensure it is knot-free.

2.5L refill.

Also available in 500ml spray.


Julie Harris Professional Grooming - Coat Management

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