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Clipit Scissor Starter Kit

The Clipit ProGroom 4 Piece Scissor Starter Set is ideal for trimming and blending  a large variety of breeds. The set is perfect for groomers kitting out their salon or students buying their first scissor on a budget. The scissor set includes the must-have scissors for any collection, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional. The four scissors are presented in a Clipit zipped scissor case and include:


- 4.5" Bull Nosed Safety Scissor - for trimming feet, face and other delicate areas.

- 6" Single Edged Thinning Scissor - ideal for shaping, removing bulk coat and adding texture.

- 7" Straight Scissor - Medium scissor suited to most trimming work, complete with a fixed finger rest.

- 6" Curved Scissor - Ideal for around heads, feet or setting angulation.


  • Made with hardened steel,
  • Supplied with finger inserts,
  • A selection for all dogs and coats,
  • Quality professional,
  • Balanced and weighted for the beginner or professional,
  • Bevelled edge,
  • Supplied in a scissor case.




If you don't want to buy the scissors as a kit, they can be purchased individually.

Clipit Scissor Starter Kit

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