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No need for expensive sterilising units when you are using Clipit Ice Care Spray to clean and sterilise your clipper blades, scissors and other grooming equipment.


This unique formulation is quick and easy to use, and if applied frequently it helps prevent cross contamination. 



  • For cleaning and sterilizing equipment,
  • Fast and effective,
  • Size: 400ml aerosol spray.

With its ice cold touch, Clipit Ice Care Spray can also be used to rapidly cool down blades when they overheat.


To clean effectively this product should be used during and after clipping each animal to provide sterilisation of equipment and prevent cross-contamination. Simply brush away any excess hair and spray onto your clipper blades, scissors and other non-porous equipment.


Since the threat level is growing, there are real risks of bacteria and viruses spreading very quickly and within hours. Therefore, salon infection control is necessary.

Clipit Ice Care Blade Spray 400ml


  • Overview

    For fast effective equipment sterilisation and cooling.


Clipit Ice Care Spray

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