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The Clipit Easy Oil  - Clipit  aerosol spray is a must for anyone that use clippers. Not only does it lubricate clipper blades fast, but it also cools at the same time. 


Why use oil..

Clippers have got faster, and they need to run through the coat with no pressure, so you get a better finish. But as blades run faster they heat up quicker. That is why you need to lubricate your clipper blades every 5 minutes.


Do you find your clipper blades heat up quickly? That is because clipper oil is not applied often enough.


Clipit Easy Oil Spray, which is sprayed when your clipper blade is in motion, prevents the blade from overheating. It leaves no oily residue in the coat, which is unique to this product.


At a glance:

  • Made from rape seed oil,
  • Lubricates and cools,
  • Idea for sensitive skin,
  • Size: 400ml.


Every 5 minutes you can stop and remove the excess hair with a clipper brush. Give the clipper blade a good coating of Easy Oil and continue clipping. Without oil, your clipper blade will heat up very quickly and deteriate over a period of time.

Clipit Easy Oil Blade Spray 400ml


£3.75 delivery



Clipit Easi Oil Spray 400ml

£9.50 Regular Price
£4.75Sale Price
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