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Clipit Curls Dog Shampoo 


Designer breeds and curly coated breeds, which have naturally tight-coated curls, require extra care when it comes to bathing. They need a gentle shampoo that is kind and gentle to their skin, and then a shampoo that helps loosen their curls.


Sound familiar? Then using the Clipit Curls dog shampoo, not only will it provide all the features above, but it will also nourish the coat and restore moisture to provide better scissoring lines. With a light coconut scent and a dose of Clipit love, Curls will leave your poodle crossed breed feeling clean, nourished, and smelling good.


Features and Benefits


  • Naturally derived - pH balanced for canine skin,
  • For curly coated breeds - Suited to poodle crossed breeds,
  • Replaces moisture - Achieves a nourished, re-hydrated coat,
  • Lasting results - Ideal for achieving better scissoring lines.




  • Gentle on the eyes and allergy resistant,
  • Dilution: 25-1,
  • Please allow one week for delivery
  • If you would like a list of ingredients or instructions on best prqactice for using the shampoo please contact me on

Clipit Curls Dog Shampoo

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