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The Clipit Blade Wash - WAS £15.50 NOW £12.40 -   a unique anti-rust formulation to clean and remove grease and blade plaque from clipper blades. Hair and grease are unavoidable when clipping. Static within the hair structure is attracted to nylon and plastic. As you clip, hair is sucked into the clipper blade and it sits arounds the top cutter and can cause damage and build-up. Once a week, you should emmerse your clipper blades into blade wash and give them a deep clean.


Immerse clipper blades into the Clipit Blade Wash for 10 minutes to loosen grease and blade plaque. Use a stiff brush to clean between the teeth. Allow to air dry and then apply Clipit Easi Oil for protection.


Helpful Tip: After use, strain the blade wash through a piece of muslin cloth and pour back into the bottle. Click here this link to see Why you should use Clipit Blade Wash as part of your grooming Bio-Security Policy



Size: 1 Litre

20% OFF Clipit Blade Wash 1 litre

£12.00 Regular Price
£9.60Sale Price
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