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Clipit 5 litre Relax Dog Shampoo


This clarifying pH balanced professional shampoo is ideal for all coat types and gentle for everyday use. Bursting with essences of English pear and freesia refracta the Clipit Relax Dog Shampoo is formulated with antioxidants rich in vitamin C to boost the coat's natural defence, leaving a natural healthy shine.


Freesia refracta is widely known for its use in aromatherapy as a means for stress release, so it calms and relaxes both the dog and the coat when bathing. 


Features and Benefits


  • Enriched with Vitamin C - To boost the coat's natural defences,
  • Gentle for everyday use - Can be used on all coat types,
  • Strengthening - Adds condition and strengthens the hair shaft,
  • Bath calming - With English pear and fressia refracta.



 Great for greasy, oily and smelly coats,

  • Dilution: 25-1,
  • Please allow one week for delivery
  • If you would like a list of ingredients and best use practice please contact me at

Clipit 5 litre Relax Dog Shampoo

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