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Clipit 5 litre Detox Shampoo


Over a period of time a dog's coat can feel "chalky" with a build-up of grease and dirty. That is when you need a shampoo to break down the grease and neutralise the shine-compromising hard water that most grooming salons have.


With the de-scaling formula in Clipit Dettox, the coat will be left squeaky clean, and this shampoo, with Clipit's Signature Pet Scent Artist, has a calming harmony of Lavender and Mint that will make you and your clients both happier that envelops your headspace with a heavenly perfume.


Features and Benefits


  • Descales the coat - Cuts through build-up and grease,
  • Calming & nourishing - Leaves behind a calming scent,
  • Gentle on the skin - Suitable for all dogs and puppies. 



  • Designed to rid coats of product residues, hard water minerals, and pollutants,
  • Dilution: 25-1,
  • If you would like a list of ingredients or instructions for best practice using the shampoo please contact me on
  • Please allow 1 week for delivery

Clipit 5 litre Detox Shampoo

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