Animology White Wash Shampoo 250ml

Animology White Wash Shampoo 250ml

White Wash shampoo is a specially formulated shampoo with built in optical enhancers that will help to leave the dog's coat brilliantly white.


It has a mild deep cleaning forumula with a built in conditioner.  Infused with Animology's 'signature' scent for a super fresh fragrance.  100% Vegan. 

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  • Customer Review.

    WHITE WASH and DERMA DOG - This stuff is awesome. I have a westie and he's a nightmare to keep white.  But the shampoo brings him up pure white again. The conditioner has been a life saver as I used to have to brush  everyday otherwise he gets matted. But now this conditioner stops that. I bought this a couple of times and the first lot lasted 6 months. And like I say that's keeping on top of a westie so at least used once a month...... And westies are renowned for skin problems.